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Dressed Up Denim

When I found a pair of denim shorts on the sale rack at Bloomingdale's a few weeks ago, half of me said "eh, summer's almost over and they probably won't fit you anyway." The other half of me said "try them on, you never know. PLUS they're on sale."

As it turned out, I listened to that latter half and I am so glad I did. The shorts fit almost perfectly, which is NOT an easy feat for a petite, curvy girl like myself. They also ended up being $21 total, and I had a $25 gift card, so basically I AM THE CHAMPION OF SHOPPING!

I first wore them on a Saturday to run errands. That was all fine & dandy, but I wanted to wear them in a "fancier" way. So last night, before heading out to dinner with some friends, I decided to throw them on with a pair of nude wedges and a lacy, sheer, metallic top. I also added a cream-colored clutch to keep the whole palette neutral:

dressed up denim

And voila - denim, dressed up! I already have another top/shoe combo in mind that I can't wait to pair with these shorts before summer is over - maybe this weekend,  even! Make sure you're following me on Instagram to see #ootd pics before they hit the blog!





Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial

BeforeandAfter800x450BloginistaOh, hi.

Ya know, posting a picture of my bare face online is not an easy feat. I have always tried to be transparent with you guys on social media & show you makeup-less pics here and there, but mostly you see me all done up, showing off a look.

When I came up with this simple summer makeup tutorial, I initially thought about only showing an "after" picture. I then decided to suck it up and post a "before" because I wanted to show how natural this look is - it's one of those "you but better" looks where we're not doing any crazy contouring/face sculpting, but rather enhancing our natural features.

These looks are absolutely perfect for summer, because a) who wants a full face of makeup on when it's 90 degrees out, and b) it really does make you look like you just got back from vacation (when in reality you've probably been stuck in the office all summer).

Here's the tutorial! Let me know what you think, and please tweet me pictures if you try it out yourself!



Life, Love, & Makeup.

Hello & happy Monday, beauties! This post has been on my to-do list for about a week, and I didn't want any more time to go by before I got it out. I know the posts here have been few & far between, and for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram/FB/Twitter (which you totally should be if you're not!!), this is the reason I've been MIA:


I got engaged!

It's basically been one non-stop party ever since, which has been awesome because we've been celebrating with the people we love and enjoying every minute of this amazing time. I can truly say that this is the happiest I've ever been in my life.

I wish I could say I've missed blogging, but honestly, I've really enjoyed just living in the present and not worrying about scheduling posts, swatching products, or keeping up with social media for business purposes. When something so wonderful is going on in my life, it's hard to pull myself away from it to blog because I feel like I'm "supposed" to be blogging - which is the reason I haven't been very active here lately.

Don't worry - I'm not leaving the blogging world or neglecting this site at all. TheBloginista is my baby and I'm incredibly proud of how far I've come in the last few years. However, I do feel that a change is on the horizon, and I wanted to loop you in (as my readers) so you know what to expect in the coming weeks/months.

My blog posts have always been a reflection of what my interests are in real life (obvs), and makeup/product reviews have been the majority of my content. I will continue to write about makeup and beauty, but most of these posts will probably appear on Bustle (I'm a beauty contributor, if you happened to miss the news!) - I have an easy summer makeup tutorial that I'm working on and should be up there very soon!

TheBloginista will still have beauty content (mostly product reviews), but you may also see posts pertaining to more "lifestyle"-related topics, as this reflects what is really going on in my life  that I may want to share/post about here. For instance - I am currently in the process of updating/re-decorating my apartment, and I'd love to show you pictures and creative ideas I come up with in the process. I'm also going to be planning a wedding, and would love to include some bridal-y (not a word, oh well) posts here as I learn more about trends in beauty, style, and even organization tips to keep me sane during the process!

I've also recently launched my LLC, which I couldn't be more excited about. I have been working as a freelance makeup artist for awhile now, but it just feels more "official" now that it's an actual side business. I have three weddings coming up which I am really looking forward to, and will definitely be sharing before/after pictures from each of those events.

I love you all & I am super excited about the next chapter in my life, which includes this blog! I hope you'll continue to follow me and my journey; I'd love to bring you along for the ride. xoxo

How To Find The Perfect Nude Lip + My Top 10 Product Picks!



I think I mention the words "nude lip" on social media more than any other makeup term, and for good reason: I LOVE A GOOD NUDE LIP! I wear one almost every day for work, and on the weekends I tend to play up my eye makeup, so I usually go for a lighter lip in that situation, too. Sure, I love me some boldness every once in awhile, but it's definitely not a daily (or even weekly) occurrence for me.

I've noticed that each time I post a picture of myself wearing a nude lip, I get TONS of questions. You guys are always asking what lippie I'm currently wearing, what my favorite products are, and how you can choose the right nude lip shade for you. All of these questions were the inspiration for this post, so consider this your Nude Lip 101 course!

First thing to know: not all nudes are created equal. There are beige nudes, pinky nudes, peachy nudes...(okay, this is starting to sound like Bubba's shrimp list from Forrest Gump). So you need to decide what looks best against your skintone. Maybe your perfect summer nude lip is different than your perfect fall/winter nude lip. The only way you'll know is to try a few out and see what looks best - and don't worry, this isn't hard to do. You'll know right away if a shade is too light/ashy!

Generally speaking, if you are very fair, don't pick a lip color which is *too* pale because it could easily give you that washed out/dead look. Go for something with a pink/peach undertone. If you have a tan/dark complexion, something with a beige/brown tone would probably suit you best. Again (and I don't think I stress this enough here on my site) but THERE ARE NO RULES! If you're super dark and you find a milky baby pink lippie that looks great on you, go for it!

I compiled a list of my top 10 favorite nude lippies from my personal collection, and they are swatched in the order they're mentioned below! Read more

Quick Announcement & A Few Updates!

Hi beauties! Hope everyone is enjoying the last few hours of work on this Friday and you have something fun and/or relaxing planned for the weekend.

I've announced this on my social media sites {which if you're not already following, you really should be! Links to the right, wink wink!} but I realized it's not completely official until I announce here. So, if you missed it: I am now a beauty and fashion contributor for Bustle.com! If you haven't heard of Bustle yet, you should definitely check it out. It's a for women/by women website which has articles ranging from news and politics to entertainment and lifestyle. My first two articles went live this week, so feel free to check them out here + here.

So, between my full time job, my contributor position at Bustle, my makeup freelancing, and this blog, life has been pretty crazy! I'm not complaining though - I'm insanely grateful for all the chaos because I'm doing what I love. I just wanted to let you guys know why posts here have been a little less frequent. I have lots planned for this blog and my YouTube channel, and as always, I am open to product review requests & video tutorial requests! Feel free to tweet me or email me with anything you want to see!

OH! I'm also hosting a little giveaway on Instagram. I got a 500 point perk at Sephora which I am giving away to one of you! It's super easy to enter, just repost the picture, tag me in it, and use the hashtag I provided. This is running until June 6th, and here's the prize:


Woohoo! Love me some bareMinerals!

One last thing - there is now a tab at the top of this page called "Gallery" where I posted some pictures of freelance work I've done on friends and clients. I will be adding more to this soon, but feel free to check it out! I am doing a bridal trial next weekend for a friend and the inspo is a Miranda Kerr look so bring on the flawlessness!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this + for sticking by me and supporting me! I love you guys and can't wait to show you everything I have up my sleeve!



Neiman Marcus Beauty Experts: Top Product Picks!

And now, to state the obvious: I LOVE LUXURIOUS BEAUTY PRODUCTS! This is me, shouting it from the rooftops.

So you can only imagine how I felt when this arrived on my doorstep:


Behold... a treasure trove of high-end beauty and skincare products, hand-picked by the beauty experts at Neiman Marcus's Paramus, NJ location. Let me just start off by saying that these lovely people definitely know what they're talking about when it comes to beauty. {Remember this post, where I discovered the wonderful world of Giorgio Armani and Trish McEvoy for the first time?} The makeup artists I've met at this location truly have a passion for products, so I dove right in, eager to see some of my personal favorites validated, as well as discover something new.

My little treasure box contained products from brands like CHANEL, Kiehl's, Chantecaille, and Sulwahsoo - just to name a few. There were also a few brands I hadn't heard of, like VenEffect, whose anti-aging lip treatment was amazing and in my opinion, worth splurging on.

I also finally got to try Cle de Peau's concealer, which TOTALLY lives up to its rave reviews. Aside from the fantastic coverage it provides, I've never owned a concealer that applied so smoothly and blended so easily - and that's saying a lot, considering I've tried many concealers in my day. Read more

Laura Mercier Radiance & Radiance Bronze Primers: Review & Photos!


While I've always used a primer underneath foundation, I can't say I've ever used one that really "wowed" me. I've never felt like my makeup looked any better or different when I wore a primer as opposed to not wearing one; if anything, it just made my foundation stay in place longer.


I discovered Laura Mercier's Radiance Bronze primer on a weekend Sephora trip. {It's important to reference that this was a *weekend* Sephora trip, because they are SO much more relaxing than weekday lunch break Sephora trips. I have all the time in the world to swatch products, check out new items that interest me, and basically just wander around without feeling rushed. I love weekends!}

That being said, I wasn't actively looking for a primer, but just kind of stumbled across it in a very unassuming tube. I've been a Laura Mercier fan for ages but I haven't really been keeping up with her product releases, so this primer was completely new to me. Read more