Buxom True Nude Lip Foundation in Buff



I'll cut to the chase: this product is awesome. Here's why:

1. I am very specific about the texture of my lip liners and I've never discovered one I was completely in love with. Buxom's lip foundation is insanely easy to work with. It's like liner for dummies: glides on smoothly, it's opaque, and it's much bigger than a pencil liner, so you're basically done after a swipe or two.

2. You know when you apply a gloss and it just kind of sinks right into your lips? This product is the perfect base so you can actually see the proper shade of the gloss without it just settling into your lips.

3. It doubles as a matte lipstick. This one (in "Buff") is a bit light for me to wear on its own, but the Buxom lip foundation range comes in a variety of nude shades to suit every skin tone.

There is a downside, though - it smells and tastes really weird. It's not pleasant. It's kind of gross, actually. It isn't a deal-breaker for me, but it's something I think you should know.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

this week, in beauty…



I totally didn't plan to do this two weeks in a row, but here we are! This week was a rough one & felt soooooo incredibly long, but we've made it! Friday is here! I have a bridal trial tomorrow morning, a visit to our wedding venue, and a Giants game ahead of me. I guess I need to actually plan ahead and schedule relaxation. Weird concept, but that's reality! Anyway, here's what was happening in beauty this week:

-I re-fell in love with Moody Margot by Marc Jacobs, a lipstick in gel form which slides on soooooo smoothly and leaves behind a sort of sheer/sort of not nude hue.
-I bought the new J.Crew fragrance "31" and am beyond obsessed with the scent. I can only describe it as "nostalgia in a bottle," which is appropriate considering it was designed to smell like the first women's art show in the United States in the 1940s. It smells... exciting. Anticipatory. Celebratory. I don't know what else to say, but please go experience this. Also I'm claiming this as my new signature scent. You smelled it here first, kids.
-I tried Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer today for the first time and I'm pretty sure my life is about to change for the better. More on this soon.
-I've been using NARS tinted moisturizer every day for about a month now & it's absolutely a new staple o' mine. Light/medium coverage + buildable + really evens out my skintone = winner.

Have a great weekend!

This Week, In Beauty…



-I rediscovered MAC's Well Dressed blush, thanks to this post by Laura of BuyNowBlogLater. She shares my obsession for blushes (I own an embarrassing amount) and it's always fun to wear one I've neglected in my drawer for awhile. It's a really nice, light, glowy pink.

-I used MAC's Soba and/or Handwritten all week on my eyes and loved it.

-I got my hair cut yesterday & only had to get rid of half an inch! Do you know what that means? I've been keeping my hair healthy! Yay for me! I haven't had any highlights in months & I ditched my awful hair dryer after my stylist told me I was killing my hair. I've also been using this awesome Kerestase leave-in conditioner, which has been helping a ton.

-I am wearing dark, fall shades on my hands & toes this week for the first time in awhile. On my toes is a deep maroon by Julie G. (the name is totally escaping me right now), and on my fingers I'm wearing Dive Bar by Essie, which is described as "a mysterious blackest blue with shimmer". I think it looks more emerald than blue, but whatevs, I love it.

-I am thinking about buying rosehip seed oil as a nightly moisturizer because I've heard it helps with fading acne scars. Anyone try this before?

-I interviewed Lesley Murphy, former Bachelor contestant, all about her beauty routine. It should be up on Bustle soon, so make sure you're following me on Twitter to see the article when it goes live. {Social media links to the side, you know the drill}

-Oh yeah, probably the biggest beauty news of the week - I launched my new website for my makeup freelancing business! Go check it out & let me know what you think. I'm beyond excited. AlexandraHeleneBeauty.com

Have a lovely weekend! xo

50 Random Facts About Moi!



So you know I love makeup. Buuut, I don't know how many of my blog readers know me know me... ya know?

I've seen a "50 random facts about me" tag going around on YouTube, and I figured I would do a blog version of it. I love finding out random things about the YouTubers/bloggers I follow. It makes everyone seem so much more real, and gives me insight into who everyone is when the camera goes off. I now present to you:

50 Random Facts About Me!

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Weekend Warrior



Life needs more weekends. Specifically, life needs more weekends like this past one.

I spent Saturday with my sisters. I had received some gift cards for my birthday and knew I wanted to bring the girls along with me when I went shopping. Both of my sisters work in the fashion industry and have an incredible sense of style. They always look effortlessly chic and pulled together. I may have the makeup/beauty thing down to a science, but finding my personal style hasn't come as easily. So, I brought my wing-women with me to attempt to add some new pieces to my closet. Read more

Dressed Up Denim

When I found a pair of denim shorts on the sale rack at Bloomingdale's a few weeks ago, half of me said "eh, summer's almost over and they probably won't fit you anyway." The other half of me said "try them on, you never know. PLUS they're on sale."

As it turned out, I listened to that latter half and I am so glad I did. The shorts fit almost perfectly, which is NOT an easy feat for a petite, curvy girl like myself. They also ended up being $21 total, and I had a $25 gift card, so basically I AM THE CHAMPION OF SHOPPING!

I first wore them on a Saturday to run errands. That was all fine & dandy, but I wanted to wear them in a "fancier" way. So last night, before heading out to dinner with some friends, I decided to throw them on with a pair of nude wedges and a lacy, sheer, metallic top. I also added a cream-colored clutch to keep the whole palette neutral:

dressed up denim

And voila - denim, dressed up! I already have another top/shoe combo in mind that I can't wait to pair with these shorts before summer is over - maybe this weekend,  even! Make sure you're following me on Instagram to see #ootd pics before they hit the blog!





Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial

BeforeandAfter800x450BloginistaOh, hi.

Ya know, posting a picture of my bare face online is not an easy feat. I have always tried to be transparent with you guys on social media & show you makeup-less pics here and there, but mostly you see me all done up, showing off a look.

When I came up with this simple summer makeup tutorial, I initially thought about only showing an "after" picture. I then decided to suck it up and post a "before" because I wanted to show how natural this look is - it's one of those "you but better" looks where we're not doing any crazy contouring/face sculpting, but rather enhancing our natural features.

These looks are absolutely perfect for summer, because a) who wants a full face of makeup on when it's 90 degrees out, and b) it really does make you look like you just got back from vacation (when in reality you've probably been stuck in the office all summer).

Here's the tutorial! Let me know what you think, and please tweet me pictures if you try it out yourself!