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IMATS New York: Recap & Pictures!



Happy Monday, pretty people! The weather gods finally decided to grace us with some AMAZING spring weather here in New York/New Jersey and I couldn't be happier. My pasty limbs and I strutted over to Pier 94 in Manhattan on Saturday to attend IMATS [International Makeup Artist Trade Show] and I had suuuuuch a great time. I thought I'd share some highlights with you guys here on the blog, and then I'll film a separate haul video showing you everything I picked up!

First of all, let me start by saying this: don't go to IMATS if you don't like crowds or long lines. This was my second time attending IMATS and I honestly forgot how crazy it gets. For example, I was dying to visit the Lime Crime booth and check out their lipsticks but the line was literally out the door, so I passed it up. I was bummed, but there was so many other things to see and I didn't want to waste time standing in line!

I didn't really go into IMATS with a specific plan, I just kind of walked around and stopped by any booth that interested me. I love that IMATS gives you the chance to check out brands and products that aren't necessarily easily available at Sephora or Ulta - of course there are brands like NYX and Stila which are widely available, but it's the lesser-known companies which really make the trade show something to look forward to. I feel like I am getting an inside peek - and in turn, get to share that info with you guys!


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The best boyfriend jeans.

I tend to over-complicate clothing shopping, so imagine my surprise when a pair of boyfriend jeans I ordered on a whim from J.Crew Factory ended up being perfect. From the moment I slipped them on, they felt comfortable, like I'd been wearing them for ages. The slight distressing on the knees makes them feel a little "messier" than the jeans I'm used to wearing, which totally works for the whole boyfriend jean look anyway. They are a liiiittle bit loose around the waist, but it's nothing a belt can't fix. The best part is that they cost $49.50.

You're welcome.


J. Crew "Factory Boy Jean", $49.50

Light & Lovely: My Favorite Lightweight Face Bases

I've noticed in the last few months my makeup tendencies are changing. I used to really love full coverage foundations, but now I'm definitely gravitating towards sheer to medium-coverage bases. I like the idea of a product that's buildable so that I have the option for more coverage if desired, but it's so nice to feel like my skin can breathe. Here are some of my current favorite lightweight makeup bases:


1.NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30,$42
This product has really lovely sheer to medium coverage. It doesn't look shiny or greasy on my face and works well to even out my overall  skin tone. I set this with some translucent powder (as I do any liquid product) and it stays in place and looks great all day. I bought a mini size at Sephora and I can't believe how long it has lasted!

Nars Swatch

Here's a swatch of the NARS TM on my inner wrist.

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Thank you, Dermablend.

You may have already heard about or seen the images from Dermablend's new campaign featuring two women battling skin conditions. (If not, I highly suggest clicking that link and taking a look - it's pretty powerful!)

As someone who has openly showed you my "before" pictures here on my blog and on Instagram, I was thrilled to see a national ad campaign showing the reality for many girls and women out there - less-than-perfect skin - as opposed to so many other makeup ads which feature airbrushed models, fake lashes, and hours of post-production Photoshop editing. Read more

An Ode to NARS



I have a habit of declaring a certain products is "THE ONLY [insert type of product here] I WILL EVER USE AGAIN" - and then changing my mind again in a few week's time. I adore the idea of having one small little makeup bag on my bathroom sink with a my tried-and-true essentials - hypothetically all high-end, beautiful products - because when you're only using a few, you can afford it.

And truly, that is a goal of mine someday - paring down my collection and simplifying my beautifying process. For now, however, I'm having too much fun experimenting - which is how I recently re-discovered my love for NARS.

I was in a crisis (clearly), realizing I was in need of something in between a tinted moisturizer and my Marc Jacobs mousse foundation. While I love the MJ product, it feels a little too much for daily wear/use. I then remembered how much I adored my NARS sheer glow foundation in the past - so much so that I'd gone through two bottles of it previously. If you're a fellow beauty junkie, you know how big of a deal it is to re-purchase a product multiple times - it has to be really good, considering there are so many other options out there to try and test out.

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February Favorites!

Hello beauties! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was busy and eventful + so much fun. I spent it with so many AMAZING people who I love so much. It put me in a great mood to start my week  - especially since we are finally starting to experience a hint of spring in the air. It's crazy how much a little sunlight and warmer temps can change your mood!

I wanted to round up my favorite products used in the month of February + compile them in another "monthly favorites" video. These are some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube so I hope you guys enjoy watching my picks just as much as I enjoy hearing what you're loving!

I left in some funny bloopers towards the end if you're interested in staying tuned for those after I blab about makeup + skincare! Being on camera is relatively new to me and I find it so funny looking back at the outtakes. Once a video is edited it looks so seamless but it's fun to share the less-than-perfect moments that are part of the process.

Enjoy!! xo

Style Picks: Last Call Neiman Marcus Haul ft Charles Jourdan, Joe’s Jeans, & Helmut Lang!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for awhile, you know I used to dabble in fashion/style posts here and there. As my blog naturally progressed into the site it is today, my focus became more and more on beauty and makeup, while the fashion/style aspect took a back seat. I definitely don’t consider myself a “fashionista”, by any means. I actually have quite a lot of trouble finding clothes that fit and flatter my body type. This has made shopping for clothes a daunting and often frustrating task, so I tend to avoid it. However, after a wardrobe rejuvenation session with my friend and stylist Tiffany Pinero last spring, I have a much better idea of styles to look out for. That being said, when I visited the Last Call Neiman Marcus outlet with my sister last weekend, I was on the hunt for some classic pieces I could seamlessly incorporate into my wardrobe. Last Call is a good place for this, because it’s full of high-quality designer pieces for a fraction of the price. I hardly ever buy clothing at full price, so this was right up my alley.

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