How To Find The Perfect Nude Lip + My Top 10 Product Picks!

Top10BestNudesWEBI think I mention the words “nude lip” on social media more than any other makeup term, and for good reason: I LOVE A GOOD NUDE LIP! I wear one almost every day for work, and on the weekends I tend to play up my eye makeup, so I usually go for a lighter lip in that situation, too. Sure, I love me some boldness every once in awhile, but it’s definitely not a daily (or even weekly) occurrence for me.

I’ve noticed that each time I post a picture of myself wearing a nude lip, I get TONS of questions. You guys are always asking what lippie I’m currently wearing, what my favorite products are, and how you can choose the right nude lip shade for you. All of these questions were the inspiration for this post, so consider this your Nude Lip 101 course!

First thing to know: not all nudes are created equal. There are beige nudes, pinky nudes, peachy nudes…(okay, this is starting to sound like Bubba’s shrimp list from Forrest Gump). So you need to decide what looks best against your skintone. Maybe your perfect summer nude lip is different than your perfect fall/winter nude lip. The only way you’ll know is to try a few out and see what looks best – and don’t worry, this isn’t hard to do. You’ll know right away if a shade is too light/ashy!

Generally speaking, if you are very fair, don’t pick a lip color which is *too* pale because it could easily give you that washed out/dead look. Go for something with a pink/peach undertone. If you have a tan/dark complexion, something with a beige/brown tone would probably suit you best. Again (and I don’t think I stress this enough here on my site) but THERE ARE NO RULES! If you’re super dark and you find a milky baby pink lippie that looks great on you, go for it!

I compiled a list of my top 10 favorite nude lippies from my personal collection, and they are swatched in the order they’re mentioned below!


1. Alexa Persico Lip Velour in “Naked”
This is definitely one of the most unique lippies I own, in terms of the shade and formula. It’s basically a liquid lipstick with a hint of shine, so it’s perfect for anyone who’s not into super matte OR super glossy lips. “Naked” has a really nice neutral undertone. I’ve described this as a “true nude” because it’s not too pink/brown/peach – it’s just perfection. You can see a picture of me wearing this here!

2. NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in “Buenos Aires” I would describe this shade as a peachy beige, and definitely one that’s suitable for most complexions as the beige really helps this color not appear too “washed out”. I love how sleek the NARS lip pencils are; they’re perfect for throwing in your purse or makeup bag without taking up too much space. The formula is smooth and glossy, but the shine factor is pretty minimal.

3. NYX Butter Gloss in “Creme Brulee” One of the best pinky/nude glosses I own. The texture is buttery (yes, it completely lives up to its name) and glides on like a dream. It’s semi-opaque (meaning it’s definitely not a sheer gloss, but it’s not completely opaque in coverage). Oh yeah, and it’s a little over $5 and available at drugstores. WIN.

4. BareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in “Free Will” This is another one of those lipstick/gloss hybrids. I love the coverage of this product. You don’t need to layer this over anything; it’s one of those easy swipe-and-go lippies. This is a pinky beige shade, with a little bit more beige/brown than pink. I would describe this as a satin finish (my favorite)!

5. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in “Interlace” This is probably my #1 favorite nude lip product right now. It’s described as a pale peach but it definitely looks more pinky-beige on my lips. If I were getting married tomorrow this would be the color I’d wear. It’s perfection.

6. MAC Lipglass in “Florabundance” A gorgeous peachy-nude with semi-opaque coverage. I love this one on its own or paired over a paler nude lipstick. MAC lipglasses are slightly sticky in texture which may not appeal to everyone, but they last a pretty long time on the lips. It also has that classic MAC vanilla scent which I love!

7. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in “Be Free” I think this is one of the best nude lipsticks out there. The color is a perfect nude-pink and the texture of this lipstick is incredibly smooth. It provides full coverage and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and silky. I also LOVE the packaging – so sleek and luxurious!

8. Giorgio Armani ‘Rouge Ecstasy’ Lipstick in #102 A beautiful pale pink and one of the best lipstick formulas I’ve ever tried. These are formulated to provide gorgeous color payoff and hydration/nourishing benefits for your lips, so it just feels good wearing this!

9. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in “Pure Zen” I’ve almost completely finished my tube of this stuff and for good reason. This is true peachy-nude with a hit of pink and is extremely flattering on many different skintones. I can throw this on and not worry about having to layer a darker gloss on top – it doesn’t wash me out and it’s the perfect nude for anyone who wants a little bit of added color without being too bright. MAC’s cremesheen formula is really nice, too; your lips feel hydrated and you get a hint of sheen to your lips!

10. MAC Satin Lipstick in “Myth” Now this one was made for layering, as it’s a VERY pale nude shade and usually doesn’t look all that great on its own. However, don’t discount it yet – if you’ve got a dark smokey eye going on, you’ll want something paler on your lips so you can let your eyes do all the talking. This lipstick is also great for toning down deeper glosses, so if you’re not ready to rock a full-on hot pink or purple gloss, wear Myth underneath it to make it more wearable!

So, there you have it! Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite nude lip products are – not that I need any more, but they’re always good to have on hand! ;)

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2 Responses to How To Find The Perfect Nude Lip + My Top 10 Product Picks!

  1. danielle says:

    I loved reading this post! I was interesting in getting the lip tar in interlace because you said it was your all time favorite, but have one question after researching it, does it dry matte and would have to layer with a gloss?

    Would love to hear back!

    Danielle ~

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi! It does not dry super matte – it still has a bit of a sheen to it. But feel free to layer a gloss on top if you want something extra shiny! xo

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