Life, Love, & Makeup.

Hello & happy Monday, beauties! This post has been on my to-do list for about a week, and I didn’t want any more time to go by before I got it out. I know the posts here have been few & far between, and for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram/FB/Twitter (which you totally should be if you’re not!!), this is the reason I’ve been MIA:


I got engaged!

It’s basically been one non-stop party ever since, which has been awesome because we’ve been celebrating with the people we love and enjoying every minute of this amazing time. I can truly say that this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

I wish I could say I’ve missed blogging, but honestly, I’ve really enjoyed just living in the present and not worrying about scheduling posts, swatching products, or keeping up with social media for business purposes. When something so wonderful is going on in my life, it’s hard to pull myself away from it to blog because I feel like I’m “supposed” to be blogging – which is the reason I haven’t been very active here lately.

Don’t worry – I’m not leaving the blogging world or neglecting this site at all. TheBloginista is my baby and I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come in the last few years. However, I do feel that a change is on the horizon, and I wanted to loop you in (as my readers) so you know what to expect in the coming weeks/months.

My blog posts have always been a reflection of what my interests are in real life (obvs), and makeup/product reviews have been the majority of my content. I will continue to write about makeup and beauty, but most of these posts will probably appear on Bustle (I’m a beauty contributor, if you happened to miss the news!) – I have an easy summer makeup tutorial that I’m working on and should be up there very soon!

TheBloginista will still have beauty content (mostly product reviews), but you may also see posts pertaining to more “lifestyle”-related topics, as this reflects what is really going on in my life  that I may want to share/post about here. For instance – I am currently in the process of updating/re-decorating my apartment, and I’d love to show you pictures and creative ideas I come up with in the process. I’m also going to be planning a wedding, and would love to include some bridal-y (not a word, oh well) posts here as I learn more about trends in beauty, style, and even organization tips to keep me sane during the process!

I’ve also recently launched my LLC, which I couldn’t be more excited about. I have been working as a freelance makeup artist for awhile now, but it just feels more “official” now that it’s an actual side business. I have three weddings coming up which I am really looking forward to, and will definitely be sharing before/after pictures from each of those events.

I love you all & I am super excited about the next chapter in my life, which includes this blog! I hope you’ll continue to follow me and my journey; I’d love to bring you along for the ride. xoxo

3 Responses to Life, Love, & Makeup.

  1. Jenny says:

    Eek! So excited for you and all the fun things to come. Mucho love xoxo

  2. Tiffany says:

    All good things!!! Can’t wait to see and hear what is next. Love some redecorating along with all the other goodness, but super love enjoying every minute of the present. It is an incredible time <3 xoxo

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