LUSH Cosmetics: Full Of Grace Serum Review

That little thing that looks like a bar of soap is actually blob of skincare wonder. So much so, that it deserves its own blog post.

I know LUSH is kind of a “thing” amongst beauty bloggers/YouTubers but until recently, I hadn’t ever stepped foot in a store. I wandered in recently in a desperate attempt to find SOMETHING that would help calm my skin down – my regular moisturizer was just not cutting it. Because of the weather, my face has been red, dry (yes, me, dry!) and a little rough. Emily, the lovely girl who helped me, suggested this product to me, and I now feel forever indebted to her. 

This is the Lush Facial Cleanser Full of Grace Serumand it is the ONLY product in my recent memory that I have used and seen immediate results. Wait, let me back up. Yes – this is a serum, even though it’s a solid. It melts in your hands, or on your face, upon contact. It smells + feels wonderful.

I noticed the texture of my skin completely changed overnight after using this product. My redness and roughness was drastically reduced, and my skin felt hydrated but not in an oily way. Emily had also given me a sample of the Celestial Moisturizerwhich I’ve been using in addition to the serum and the combination of these two has made my skin SO happy in the last few days.

The ingredients in Full of Grace include hydrating tropical butters, calming chamomile and antioxidant mushroom, all which soothe & hydrate the skin. Another HUGE added bonus: LUSH doesn’t test on animals, which is enough to keep me loyal to the brand for a long time to come!

Have you tried any LUSH skincare products recently? Leave me a comment + let me know what you’ve been loving! Also – make sure you don’t miss your chance to enter my Taya haircare giveaway! You can win an entire line of volumizing hair products – check out the post here for rules!


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  1. Joanna says:

    While I have never used Lush products (but would like to at some point), I was surprised you said you needed something to help with moisture due to the bitter cold. After stumbling upon your blog a couple months back I took your advice to use jojoba oil in addition to my daily moisturizer in order to help with dry skin. I use jojoba in addition to the Bare Escentuals dry skin face lotion( a lotion I have been using forever now) and it is a dream! I have been using for a month and my skin moisture AND oil balance has improved significantly. I even made my boyfriend use jojoba oil in his moisturizer and his redness disappeared. So thank you!!

    • Alexandra says:

      So glad it’s been working for you & your bf! I do love my jojoba oil, but my skin was in need of a little extra moisture (I also think my Neutrogena moisturizer is a little “thin” for winter use). Also, after this post went live, I realized I could probably attribute some of the dryness in my skin to the Mario Badescu spot treatment I’ve been using. The weather hasn’t helped, but it probably wasn’t the sole cause of my skin being so dry! It’s definitely feeling a lot better now, though!

  2. Piper says:

    I am moving the full of grace serum as well! My skin gets super dry in the cold winter months and I welcome any added moisture that won’t break me out. I’ve recently gotten back into Lush products and went back to an old favorite, mask of magnaminty, definitely recommend!

  3. Nicole says:

    If you’re looking to try other Lush products I would definitely reccommend their sugar lip scrub. It works wonders and leaves your lips feeling smooth especially if they are chapped and peeling due to the cold weather. The mint and bubblegum flavors taste good too!

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